Before and after shot: Wave and shine restored

Before and after shot: Wave and shine restored

Everyone loves a good before and after shot, and we aren’t an exception. Take this example below, where the lady asked us to revive both the colour and the waves of her very long and full bodied hair.

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Our qualified stylist Jake created a beautiful Ombre technique which lets your roots grow out less visible giving the client an easy maintenance colour. Stretching the dark shades of the colour and blending into a beautiful bubbly blonde that cancels out that brassy tone that she originally walked in with!

It added the desired shine, as well as the distinctive, beautiful Ombre look. The Goldwell colour comes from one of their most renowned ranges of brown shades. This was finished off with creating deep waves throughout the hair, adding amazing body and emphasising the shine of the colour formulation used.

The brilliant colour range used was Gold well to achieve the look the client desired. After the colour was perfected Jake created the full bodied waves using the GHD Styler and finished off by using some of the amazing products Goldwell has to offer. End result, very happy.


First, we used Olaplex to restore the vibrancy of the hair that had been lost over time. Olaplex has taken the industry by somewhat of a storm in recent times due to the fantastic results it delivers, and you can see why here in this photo! We then used Mr. Smith’s range of products to restore the hair’s health, making it bouncy and lively like it used to be.

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