About Us

Salon Vogue first opened its doors back in the month of February, 1994, with only one sole aim; to use our creativity and passion for hair for the good of the people of Werribee. Whilst many things have changed since then, not the least our constantly updated modern salon, this aim has always remained, and still drives us to be the very best that we can be.

We have made hair and beauty our career, and our enthusiasm for hair and beauty spurs us on to always be raising the bar and looking for more innovative ways to do things. It is one that gives us great pride and a sense of personal fulfillment, and we’ve always got our ears open for the next person with a hair style idea.

Our staff take great satisfaction in being able to fulfil the beauty and styling needs of their clients. We are very fortunate to have in our possession a talented group of staff, each of which are right across the latest trends emerging in the industry, as well as all the products and treatments that we can provide.

We are lucky to have won many awards and receive much recognition for our work over the years, as well as the incredible list of clientele that we have built up over time. Right up to this day, our passion and enthusiasm for being the very best, full service salon in the area has not diminished, and neither has our creativity and eye for style.

Since those humble days, we have worked hard to become one of the leading hair and barber salons in Werribee and the greater region itself. We always aim to continuously raise the bar for our own standards, and all of the salon experts in our team look forward to their next exciting styling project.